Artist's Statement

My work is about reconciliation, the resolving of disparate paradigms and materials- the logical safety of scientific experimentation versus the tender, spiritual manifestation of art; calculating intellect versus fluid intuition; technical precision versus the flow of inspiration.

For me, there has always been a sacredness to the written word.  Early in my artist evolution, I was inspired by the words of others.  I now create my own narratives that inform my work.  I’ve sprinkled bits and pieces of my writing throughout this website.  I’m slowly working towards a book- a dialogue between the worlds of two and three dimensions informed by the non-dimensional world of time and spirit.    

About ten years ago, I read Martin Buber’s book I and Thou. It affected me so profoundly that I began to dream about a formless space that held disembodied objects.  One night I dreamed about thousands of pieces of devotional art destroyed by the Nazis- energy without form that needed to be brought back into the physical.  I was so overwhelmed, burdened by the thought, that I stopped working.  I’ve come to realize that we, as incarnate beings, have a duty to create.  We are conduits for a profound energy that moves between dimensions.  Be we physicists that chase the God Particle, a mother who bakes her child’s birthday cake or an artist crafting an offering bowl, we all dance with that energy and expand.